Regarding Dachau

Click to hear this week’s Power of Prophecy program by Texe Marrs FREE: Secrets (Volume 247) Ivan Moffat, a photographer in the Signal Corps during World War II, wrote in his diary, “There is no formal proof that I can find for crematory or gas chambers at Dachau”


Syria updates May 13th

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has vowed to defend de-escalation zones which are established with the aim of ending the conflict in the battle-torn country.In an interview with a Belarusian TV channel, Assad said the de-escalation zones gave foreign-backed militants a chance to hand over their weapons and reconcile with the government. He stressed that he would have a firm response to any breach of the ceasefire in those zones. The Syrian president also added that he would not back down from fighting the terror groups operating inside the country. The creation of de-escalation zones was agreed by Russia, Iran and Turkey during negotiations in the Kazakh capital Astana earlier this month. According to the deal, four de-escalation zones have been set up across Syria, where the most intense fighting has been underway between government troops and the militants.

Warnings In The Holy Bible About False Prophets

A few examples of the warnings about misleaders found in the holy Bible We must remember that within the context of the Bible we should descern whether the preaching of Priests and Prophets are pure. When a prophecy is interpreted erroneously, it can be misleading. Whether the interpreter of the prophecy does this intentionally or … Continue reading Warnings In The Holy Bible About False Prophets