Prophecy Contained In Psalm 83

From time to time somebody comes up with a message that says he/she has just discovered an  ominous prophecy that has not yet been fulfilled.

Psalm 83 is one of the favorites used by Christian Zionists and other false prophets who want to portray modern day “Israel” as the nation  being in danger.

The first mistake is the assumption that the present day state called Israel is occupied by the children of Israel (Jacob). The present day occupants calling themselves “Jews” are in fact not descendants of the Israelites but are Khazars who addopted the Judaic religion +- 740AD. They have in  fact stolen the cloak of the children of Israel and is posing as Juda.

The rightful owners of the territory have been living in Palestine and Jordan for longer than the past two thousand years. They are the true seed of Shem and  Abraham .

The second misconception is that the prophecy is unfulfilled. Nearly all Bible Scholars agree that 2Chronicles 20 describes the fulfillment of the prophecy during the time of Jehoshaphat.

The Moabites, Ammonites, and Edomites, invade Judah, 2Ch_20:1, 2Ch_20:2. Jehoshaphat proclaims a fast, and gathers the people together to seek the Lord, 2Ch_20:3, 2Ch_20:4.

See Jehoshaphat’s prayer to God, 2Ch_20:5-12.  Great and small, male and female, seek the Lord, 2Ch_20:13. Jahaziel (a prophet) delivers God’s message to Jehoshaphat regarding the downfall of their enemies, 2Ch_20:14-17.

The king, the Levites, and the people take courage; praise and magnify God; and go forth to meet their enemies, 2Ch_20:18-21. The enemies are confounded, and destroy  each other, 2Ch_20:22-24.

The men of Judah take the spoil, praise the Lord, and return with joy to Jerusalem, 2Ch_20:25-28.

The fear of the Lord falls upon all their enemies round about; and the land
has rest, 2Ch_20:29, 2Ch_20:30


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